Com.Pot is a development of POT- Peace On the Table, project idealized by Sheila Mann, whose purpose is to experience a pacific coexistence through food.

Sheila was born in Lebanon, where she grew up before immigrating to Israel, where she finished her studies, before coming to Brazil.

She speaks both arabic and hebrew, and is knowledgeable of both cultures, besides being a specialist in lebanese cuisine. This enabled her to deal with the subject of food for peace.

Marcos Shayo, founding partner of Grand Cru wines and former director of Kellogg´s operation in Brazil and Argentina, embraced the idea of food for peace and got involved in the project. Together with Sheila, they idealized the hummus factory, Com.Pot.
Marcos is descendent of syrians and lebanese, he was born and grew up in Argentina.

Sheila believes that we need to highlight the similarities instead of pointing out the differences. That´s why she searched among all the foods that are common to both cultures, the israelis and the Palestinians. One that will represent better this concept. Sheila found that Hummus would perfectly fill this roll.

She believes that this kind of project and consequently the hummus factory project, is only possible in Brazil, as it is a country that welcomes everybody, all the ethnicities and all the religions. Thit turns Brazil into a huge “Melting-Pot”.

To be faithful to this project, Sheila and Marcos opted to hire only women and that practice all the different religions present in Brazil. They believe that putting this concept to work on a daily basis in the company, can be an example of pacific coexistence and an inspiration for the rest of the country. This is why Brazil is so exceptional.

Chickpeas paste

Hummus is a made of grounded chickpeas, seasoned with lemon juice, tahiné( sesame paste), salt and garlic (which is optional). These ingredients, are simple and very common all over the Middle-East.

Hummus is originally from the Middle-East, where each country has its own special recipe. Surprisingly, the israelis became very fond of it and Hummus turned out to be a national food, which raised discussions and controversies between arabs and israelis about its origin.

In the Middle-East, hummus is part of the “mezzés”(small portions of appetizers) but in Israel, it is present in every meal, because it goes well with absolutely everything. It is possible to serve it as an appetizer, with raw vegetables, as a side order with grilled meat, or as a spread in sandwiches instead of mayonnaise or cream cheese.

Hummus is a vegetarian product and lactose and gluten free. The hummus brand Com.Pot is also free of hydrogenated fats. It is a highly qualified and recommended product for a healthy diet.